Bryan Midgett

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10.89 acres in beautiful Appling GA. It has 2 1/2 acres of open grass with a pond, and a bridge leading to an island. Behind is lush with 90 to 100 ft GA pine with the grass line being lined with massive gorgeous oak trees.


Listing as a beautiful place to throw any event.  Weddings, Anniversaries, parts.  So any time that we coordinate.  The pictures are not loading on this website so contact me at [email protected] to see this incredible property.

Property Details

City/State Appling, Georgia
Acres N/A
Price $2K - $5K
Type Special Event
Lease Length Short Term
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water N/A
RV/Motor Home/Camper Hookups N/A
Water Features Available Pond
Electricity Available N/A
Recreational Equipment N/A
  • Water Feature


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