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Outdoor enthusiasts are constantly searching for land leasing options. Therefore, it’s never a bad time to list your property on Sometimes leasers search weeks, months or even years in advance to find the perfect property to fit their needs. For example, hunters search year-round for next season’s perfect property; farmers and ranchers plan months, if not years, in advance for where they will grow their next crop or raise next year’s herd; recreational users look for properties to lease constantly as many of these properties can be leased daily, weekly or monthly; and equestrian leasers, hikers, campers, and RV/Motorhome enthusiasts. ATV/Off-Road Trail Riding or shooting properties will be in constant demand with normally quick turnover, as well.

The longer and more frequently your property is listed, the more people will find it and have the opportunity to lease it, leading to more cash income for you! As a result, we developed an easy pricing strategy that will fit the needs of any land owner. Click here to view pricing.

Properties That Can Be Leased

It is important to remember that not all properties offer the same characteristics. Some are more suited for specific purposes and others are better suited for other uses. In other words, think about what your property has to offer – is your property best suited to lease as a hunting property or a camping site? In order to help the user find exactly what they are looking for, it is best to post your property in the most relevant leasing category.

  • Any size property – no property too big, no property too small
  • Long or short term leases – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • A portion of your property or the entire property
  • Small land owners with characteristics that meet one of the user categories of leasing
  • Large land portfolios like timber companies, ranchers, and other agricultural land owners that have thousands of acres
  • Properties offering many different lease options, such as hunting, hiking, horseback riding and agricultural leasing – some properties offer many types of leasing characteristics, if this is the case, lease the same property, for multiple reasons

Benefits To Leasing Your Property

  • Earn additional cash income by leasing your land today!
  • Allows easy access to your commercial agricultural operations or recreational activity.
  • Some states offer property tax benefits when properties are placed in bona fide commercial agricultural operations. Your property might fall into one of these states, and by placing an agricultural use on the property, it could help you earn additional income, and lower your property taxes.
  • When your property is leased, it is maintained and cared for on your behalf by the lessee.
  • Having a “presence” of a lessee on the land will deter trespassers, poachers and any other unwanted guests. Leasing your property will allow you to have a “second set of eyes” on the property. Lessors can report to you if they see a problem on the property – a gate is broken, fencing needs to be repaired, maybe a lodge needs maintenance, a road is washed out, a tree fell down, etc.
  • Many land properties are inherited, and many of those heirs don’t necessarily want to sell, but often times the property can become a financial burden and force a sale. can assist in generating additional income to avoid a sale of your land.
  • Many property owners are “absentee” owners who live far from the property. These owners might not want to sell the property, maybe they are waiting for retirement before they can use their land. In the meantime, can help generate cash for the land owner.
  • Helping individuals, groups, or families make fun and lasting memories in the recreational world.
  • While we can’t guarantee that will bring you the most competitive lease rates, having your property exposed to as many users as possible will create competition for your property and will hopefully help you get the most revenue for your lease as possible.

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