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This property is just off historic Route 66/I-40, but still secluded in nature. Just a short distance from some of the most beautiful views. The Petrified Forest National Park surrounds this property. Perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Great for camping/RV.The Painted Desert region is known for its outstanding landscapes, sunsets, solitude, hiking opportunities, and rock or fossil collecting! The Petrified Forest National Park offers spectacular scenery and hiking trails for you to enjoy with no restrictions.



Property Details

City/State Holbrook, Arizona
Price Market Rates/Farm Rate Based Upon Activity
Type RV/Motorhome/Camper
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water N/A
RV/Motor Home/Camper Hookups N/A
Water Features Available None
Electricity Available N/A
Recreational Equipment N/A
  • Water Feature


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