Gambels Trail

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In the hotspot of migratory birds’s paths, this area is particularly famous for hummingbirds. Nearby in San Pedro House twice a year, they do tagging of the birds (assigning them numbers, chipping them to study them). They’ll let you touch and release the birds.

Surprisingly lush green esp during the wet season but the skies are multi-colored in the mornings and evenings all year. Bang in the middle of the land, you would feel like you are away from civilization, but you are always at a driving distance of some wineries, state/national parks and restaurants.


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City/State Huachuca City, Arizona
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Type Bird Watching
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water Yes
RV/Motor Home/Camper Hookups N/A
Water Features Available Other (A wash nearby that flows during the rains but is dry otherwise)
Electricity Available N/A
Recreational Equipment N/A
  • Potable Water


  • Water Feature


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