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Agricultural and Farming

Los Lunas 0.25 acres

I have been struggling to properly upload images and information on this website so please send me an email so I can give you all the missing information.
City/Sate Los Lunas, New Mexico
Acres N/A
Price Market Rate/Negotiable

Pete Swales Camping Plot

Just simply a plot of land, that although is just land and nothing else. This offers a chance to enjoy the area at wonderful rates.
City/Sate Rio Del Oro, New Mexico
Acres N/A
Price Under $500
No Photo Available

Woody Ranch

20,000 Acre “Woody Ranch” is located outside of Elida, New Mexico. I am looking to use 15,000 acres for any type of Solar or really anything else. Solar note: Last year we pulled cattle off the land, due to the lack of rai
City/Sate Elida, New Mexico
Acres N/A
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
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