West Texas Ranch (Up to 20 acres)

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The Lessee is permitted to construct fencing to contain their livestock. All animals but pigs are permitted in the area. Have excess livestock and not enough grazing land? Dabbling in the cattle ranching industry and not sure if you’re ready for the commitment to own a bunch of ranch land? Lease up to 20 extra acres! Size and price open to negotiation. This is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, with a lot of cattle ranches and off-grid homesteads and businesses in the area. The land has dirt road frontage and is undeveloped, and water would have to be hauled in, or rainwater collected during the rain season. Any power would have to be off-grid, such as solar, wind, or gas generator. The lessee is welcome to reside on the property with their livestock if they choose. This is suitable for basic desert grazing land. Recreational use is also an option. The land is unrestricted as to what you can do on it, all except for pig farming.

Property Details

City/State Dell City, Texas
Acres 20
Price Market Rates/Farm Rate Based Upon Activity
Livestock Bison, Cattle, Dairy, Goats, Horses, Sheep & Ram, and Other This is in the Sunset Ranches Area which allows anything but Pigs
Lease Length 1 Year
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water N/A
Well Water Available for Livestock N/A
Reliable Water Source for Livestock No
Center Pivot Irrigation N/A
Electricity Available N/A
Fencing N/A
Other Structures Available N/A
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