2 Acres/ Barn + Working Utilities! For Lease

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Located just out of the city limits in Plain Dealing, Louisiana. Very quiet, respectful, patriotic neighborhood. 12 miles from Bradley, Arkansas, 21 miles from Springhill, Louisiana. This is a 2 acre piece of land available for cattleman’s livestock. The grass grown pretty rapidly so there’s plenty of food for the week, water on site, electricity available.

Property Details

City/State Plain Dealing, Louisiana
Acres 2
Price $500 - $1K
Livestock Bison, Cattle, Dairy, Goats, Horses, Pigs, Sheep & Ram, and Other All LiveStock Are Welcome
Lease Length 1 Year
Residence or lodging Included Yes
Potable Water Yes
Well Water Available for Livestock Yes
Well Size

Needs a motor but besides that the well is very deep.

Center Pivot Irrigation N/A
Electricity Available Yes
Fencing N/A
Other Structures Available Barns, Equipment Shop, Feed Barn, and Shed
  • Lodging


  • Potable Water


  • Well Water

    Well Water

  • Electricity


  • Structure on Site

    on Site

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