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LOT #1
Property Details:
Property Size: 1.040 acres (45,302 square feet)
Location: Modoc County, CA, within the California Pines Property Owner’s Association
Description: Lot #1 offers beautiful views of the surrounding area, as depicted in the enclosed pictures. It is a downsloping lot, providing an opportunity for creative architectural design and captivating landscapes.
Amenities: The California Pines Property Owner’s Association offers exceptional amenities, including the best pool in the county and lakes/ponds stocked with fish for fishing enjoyment.
Unit: Lake Unit 3
Infrastructure: The property benefits from existing infrastructure such as underground sewers, power, and telephone connectivity. However, a well is required for water supply. Access to the property is provided via gravel roads, and it is conveniently situated only half a mile away from the Lodge and Lake.
Location Highlights: Alturas, CA, offers a diverse range of attractions and nearby destinations. The region experiences warm summers and snowfall in winter, allowing for a variety of recreational activities throughout the year. It is relatively close to railways, the renowned “Burningman Festival” site located across the border in Nevada, the neighboring state of Oregon, Crater Lake, and the town of Alturas itself.


Looking for someone to lease it to make their dream home here, or to agriculture to help out the community more

Property Details

City/State alturas, California
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Lease Length Monthly
Residence Included N/A
Potable Water N/A
RV/Motor Home/Camper Hookups N/A
Water Features Available Other (bring your own/installed)
Electricity Available Yes
  • Water Feature


  • Electricity


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