Vista Valley estates Unit 3, Lot 205 0.2 ACRES

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Currently the lot is vacate, the lot runs parallel with I-40 highway connecting Colorado and Utah. We have power lines directly infront of the lot and bringing power in can be discussed. The lot is mostly flat with a slight slope to access.We are looking to lease for recreational, camping, solar or supercharger use or any other creative use! The location is prime and easily accessible from
Stevenson Way
Fruitland, UT 84027
United States

A paved road also lays directly infront of the lot.


Vista Valley estates

Unit 3, Lot 205 0.2 ACRES Parcel Owned by


Jacob Liss 

Gps property lines:

     40.206762°  -110.770977° 

     40.206643°  -110.771124°

     40.206914°  -110.771502°

     40.207034°  -110.771354°

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Property Details

City/State Fruitland, Utah
Acres N/A
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Lease Length 10 years
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