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Agricultural and Farming

Sharp parcel 1-10

10 parcels available for lease . Wooded in various areas of the city of Cherokee Village, Arkansas. Property can be used for many purposes.
City/Sate Cherokee Village, Arkansas
Acres N/A
Price Market Rates/Farm Rate Based Upon Activity
Agricultural and Farming

Tarry, Arkansas 40 Acres w/water well

40 acres of flat farm land. Previously farmed in 2023 (soy beans). Water well onsite.
City/Sate Tarry, Arkansas
Acres N/A
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Estates/Rural Lodging

The Rustic Retreat

This rustic property has tremendous potential! It is a vacant lot near Pine Bluff, Arkansas and will be an excellent site for a mobile home or RV once it is cleaned up and has a driveway created! This property is 11 miles away from dow
City/Sate Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Acres N/A
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
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