helena land

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The property lies within the city limits of Helena Arkansas. the land is untouched and can be used for multiple uses other than just agricultural. basically, anything you want. the property stretches back so you will have privacy, while also being close enough for city amenities like shopping and recreation activities such as golf and movie theaters. Due to it being in city limits there should be no issue with utilities, but I have never visited this land due to being a disabled veteran. my price is negotiable and fair, I am not trying to make it rich from the lease. i just feel the land should be used for some good instead of sitting doing nothing.


24/7 or whatever you want.

Property Details

City/State helena, Arkansas
Acres 6.5
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Lease Length N/A
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water Yes
Agricultural Wells Available N/A
Center Pivot Irrigation N/A
Electricity Available N/A
  • Potable Water


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