APN 413-100-010 and 413-100-035

Property Rating:

Massive and hilly area

Property Details

City/State Redlands, California
Acres 10
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Agricultural Almonds, Apple, Blueberries, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Citrus, Corn, Cucumber, Field Corn, Fish Farming, Green Beans, Lettuce, Olives, Onions, Papaya, Peaches, Peanuts, Peas, Pecans, Peppers, Potatoes, Soy Beans, Strawberries, Sugar Cane/Sugar Beets, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Vineyard - Grapes, Watermelon, and Other (Any)
Lease Length Seasonal, Annual, and Long Term – More than one year
Residence or lodging Included Yes
Potable Water N/A
Agricultural Wells Available N/A
Center Pivot Irrigation N/A
Electricity Available N/A
  • Lodging


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