15 Acre Irrigated Property Live Oak, FL

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15 acres of property for lease. Property has fixed overhead irrigation with 6 foot high risers with Rainbird sprinkler heads every 50 feet, powered by a 500 h.p. CAT diesel engine capable of pumping 3800 gallons per minute from a 312 foot well. The overhead system can also be used for frost protection. Drip irrigation is electric powered with a 5 h.p. pump that will pump approximately 100 gallons per minute from a 168 foot well. The drip systems is set up for fertilizer and acid injection.

This is a perfect setup for a nursery/tree farm or row crops. It is conveniently located 3.5 miles from Live Oak, FL with private access to the property.

Property is clean and ready for use!

Property Details

City/State Live Oak, Florida
Acres 15
Price Market Rate/Negotiable
Agricultural Nurseries
Lease Length Annual
Residence or lodging Included N/A
Potable Water Yes
Agricultural Wells Available Yes
Amount and Size of Wells

One 312′ well powered by 500 hp CAT diesel engine capable of pumping 3800 gallons per minute with fixed overhead irrigation on 6′ risers with Rainbird sprinkler heads.
One 168′ electric well for drip irrigation, pumps approximately 100 gallons per minute. Fertilizer & acid injectors are included.

Center Pivot Irrigation N/A
Electricity Available Yes
  • Potable Water


  • Agricultural Well


  • Electricity


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I am very interested in your property please call me or send me a message or email [email protected]

Property Rating:


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