Trophy/Special Event/Corporate Retreat offers properties for all occasions, from true wildlife enthusiast experiences to special events and corporate retreats.

Trophy Properties

Trophy properties offer outdoor enthusiasts premier land and amenities for all of their recreational needs. These properties likely include at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Upscale lodging
  • Natural water sources, such as lakes, rivers or streams
  • Airstrips or helipads
  • Well maintained and manicured scenery
  • Large amounts of wildlife
  • Stables and riding facilities
  • And more

These properties may be leased by individuals, families or groups who want to enjoy a property “a cut above” for vacations or other events.

Special Events

Special events properties provide land, event amenities, and structures for weddings, parties, company and client events, and other events suited for the property. In addition, these properties should include amenities for events such as parking lots, enclosed buildings, bathrooms, etc. Each property varies, so we recommend reviewing the amenities listed to ensure all of your needs are met before renting.

Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreat properties are similar to trophy properties, but they enable corporate groups to lease land for a weekend or an entire week. Properties suited for corporate events typically have staff in place and the capability to meet the needs of the users, while offering beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Religious Retreats

No matter your creed, religious affiliation or belief, we understand that religious groups often need properties and facilities that provide opportunities for fellowship and worship. Characteristics of these properties typically have lodging, buildings for gatherings, hiking areas, cooking facilities, fields or wooded areas for activities, etc.


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